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I am Tapas. I live in Pune, India. I am a masters in psychology, a master neuro linguistic programming (classic and new code) coach, trained with Dr. John Grinder (Co-founder & creator of classic code & new code NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (Co-creator of new code NLP), Michael Carroll (Co-developer of new code NLP & Director of NLP Academy UK) & Peter Freeth (Author & Founder of Revelation Consulting). I am also a creativity coach trained by Dr. Eric Maisel (Author, America’s leading creativity coach, Founder & Father of Natural Psychology).

I have been coaching people in personal and professional context for more than past 10 years. I am a lover of art and have always been fascinated by its effect on the man. Every artist and a creator transpires a meaning, a thought, an inspiration, through their work and art. It touches – sometimes momentarily, sometimes deeply.

A man’s life, his purpose, his work (& creativity) go hand in hand – they are unique to him, because there never was, and never will be, anyone like him. He is gifted with a special knowing – of awareness, of consciousness, of being. Yet there is a suffering – of not knowing what he really wants. His seamless power becomes a cause of his misery. And he fades away.

This is my canvas, this is your canvas, to create a life – Of awareness and beauty. Of endless success stories. And to live with ecstasy.

I have designed all my courses very carefully on the basis of my real life experiences in coaching. I have brought together best my of leanings of past many years in personal and group settings of what has really worked well for people whom I have coached.

I’ll help you dream big, follow them up with actions and create a life you want.


Liberated, Enlightened, Evolved

Meredith P.
I was never even bothered with the amount of energy I was draining in the wrong direction. Tapas taught me how to repurpose the perspective I had. I mean initial it was hard to grasp what really tormented my being. But as I boxed my fears and set them aside things started rolling. And now every moment is much more worthwhile than every before. Thanks Master Tapas- you’re the reason.


N. Oakley
I was a drifter. One binge to another. I was going where the wind blew. But then this man from nowhere helped me adjusted my sails. I was skeptical because I had been through rehabs, in and out and in again. But once my ideological base was restructured. I felt light- I didn’t need any stimulant anymore. My soul became my pilot and let it guide me all along. This is no brainer, but a very receptive trainer. I owe it all to you. I have never found myself alone anymore- I have plenty on my things-to-do-list which was always a bucket list before.


Luxmi C.
I knew I wanted to be someone but I had no idea what it could be. I was plagued by acquired thinking and I was perplexed with the ferocious desire towards no goal. Tapas gave me a new beginning. I was fresh, I was looking to breakthrough and be an agent of change in my community. I have visualized and have partially achieve it too. I mean now I know that I didn’t know enough. I thought I knew but I didn’t. Now I work towards an ideal environment. I thank you forever for your empathy and support through the hard and tough decisions.


Nazeer A.
I thought I was always at a wrong place at the wrong time. I was put in the spot for everything that I had not done. The moment Tapas taught me how and why never to feel victimized and instead compete for your spot. Things have changed towards improvisation- earlier it was a constant struggle. But hey, now I enjoy it so it is only a love affair with my goals. No effort, just a cool way of thinking.


K. Mishra
My reason of pain was my unrealistic expectations. I was touched by the powerful though process that I embraced with Sir Tapas during my one of my sessions. I felt a strong relief, lighting my way slowly to progress. It was a very peaceful homecoming for me. It felt as if it was always there. Somewhat under the radar- but I never knew it ever existed. This counselor helped me in lot of mind and soul searching. I am indebted for this new vision.


I was a model, who was sick of hi-life and unthankful way of living. After parties, couch calls and unpaid assignments were all that I was left with. The reason was simple- I was not in charge of my dreams. Tapas gave me the chart to top. I had to deliberate and practice it to really digest and apply it. I couldn’t only see partial results. But once I got on top of my game- nothing is keeping me down. Because as my teacher taught me- pain can only hurt me as much as I empower to destruct me. I don’t whine, complain or argue anymore. I stopped pleasing and started living. Plain and simple but sometimes it takes a lifetime to aggregate that. I thought it was stroke of luck I tumbled on Tapas’ site. I don’t leave anything to chance anymore. I tick off the impossibilities from possibilities and leave little room for lack of it. I don’t know if it makes sense to anyone. But for me I have found my sense of direction.

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